Saturday, January 31, 2009

[NeverM0re] Goth Doll MusicBox

[NeverM0re] GothDoll MusicBox

Our sub Brand [NeverM0re] presents an elegantly dark item for your Doll.
Display her form for your viewing pleasure.
Music Box comes with 5 poses that rotate as the music plays.
Key that controls the musicbox.
Particle Notes that gives the visialisation of the "innocent" tune.

::OD:: Wardrobe OverFlow

::OD:: Hera
This outfit has been lurking in my inventory for a while now. It was created for one of my good SL friends for her wedding. The bridal party had two women on the grooms side and for the life of them could find nothing to wear to suit both girls.
Named after Hera - whos cheif function was the goddess of Marriage.
Made with choice in mind, the outfit comes with plenty of options/combinations.
I won't bore you with the list!

Outfit dedicated to Kris and Mimi

::OD:: Hermes

Named after the God of Flight, thieves and travelers.

This Mob inspired outfit is for the confident girl, who's dangerous nature lurks at the edges.

The outfit includes the Top and Skirt in all layers

::OD:: Seto

- The Male version of this outfit. Striped bowling shirt with pin stripe capris and Belt

::OD:: Basket Case

::OD:: Basket Case

Cute and casual Neko/Pet furniture. Brin designed this with low prims in mind for the space saving kittens.
5 Prims in total with 6 inbuilt poses.
I started building this with some industrial spools in mind, but the cotton fought it's way out of the design.
This cute Cotton Spool and Thimble set has 10 poses in the set.
Upright Spool - 2 Poses
Thimble - 2 Poses
Spool Pair - 6 Poses

- Arwyn

By now you should be aware of the rebuild of ::Obsidian Desires:: mainstore and sim.
The time has come for you to see what all our hard work and bickering has accomplished.

We proudly present

::OD:: Obsidian Desires & [NeverM0re] MainStore

We are thrilled to say that it's not a myth, the launch is 31/1/09 @10pm SL time.
Your favourtie ::OD:: DJ's Arwyn and Brin spinning the tunes for your listening pleasure and the sexy girls from Zippers will be dancing as a feast for the eyes.
There will be lindens to be won, the more people the higher the prize amount and also some freebies from our new range.see you there

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

::OD:: Obsidian Desires & [NeverM0re] Mainstore

January 31st
Obsidian Desires new MainStore Opening

Photoshop is whimpering in the corner, a slave to my whims for the past few weeks as we texture the build. I'm convinced that somehow I have even managed to texture the back of my eyelids.

The prims are in place, the curtain draped as the room waits with baited breath.

Now we wonder. "I wonder if anyone will actually come and look!"

We are thrilled to say that it's not a myth, the launch is soon. After just a few arguments, some thrown shoes and one tantrum. The sim has been built, pulled down, built, burnt to the ground, built, knocked over - sat on by a giant and burnt to the ground.... and now finally ready....

We will be cheering front and center with drink in hand. Myself and Brin will be Djing whilst the girls from Zippers dance up a storm. Lots of Prizes on the night for contests, thank you presents and other random fun.

Love to see you there!

- Arwyn