Tuesday, July 28, 2009

::OD:: GothiKitty

::OD:: GothiKitty

The Obsidian Nekos have been smooshing prims together, lightning striking the sky as they throw their heads back and cackle. Its aaalliiivveeeeee....!!!...!!

Messy Neko Tails with just a small smattering of metal in bright colour combos in true OD style.Matching sculpted scripted ears
Available in 7 tipped colour combos.

We hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[NeverM0re] Nightingale

I have to admit there is alot in SL and SL culture that just fascinates me. I've been known to sit and just observe people. Although the observing doesnt last long until those that I'm watching want me to participate. Like an only child I always dive in with enthusiasm and verve.

I admire the Doll/Lolita immersion in SL. There are so many fascets that this fascination can take, many many MANY different forms of RP, mischeif and mayhem and beautiful unique avatars. I hope my lil Nightingbird shows a little glimmer of that fascination.

The Birdcage includes 9 poses/anims geared to emotive dancers and the flip side of the coin - the broken doll.
The top prim activates a soft cascade of particle feathers upon touch.

- Arwyn

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

::OD:: Half Pint

Neko Fun with a half pint of Milk. Pint sized Neko boxes with our signature OD Anims.
You may have seen something similar in the Neko Hunt *grins* - Go grab the lite version for free while it's out exclusive to the Neko hunt. The full versions will be in store any minute now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Where have all the Nekos gone?

I know we have been quiet lately, we've had the fun task of moving in RL *omg the packing and the unpacking and the heavy lifting of it all*

So, I'm currently at my desk surrounded by a city of boxes thinking I'll never find my right slipper again. *facepalm*

New items are on the way! The Obsidian gals have gone feral and back to our building roots, throwing prims around and bending out avatars until I swear you can see their eyes water.

We'd love to hear from you! People have a habit of running away when I sneak up and yell "HIYA", Obsidian is your playground as much as ours and we'd like to know what you would love to play in.

Should we make more neko stuffs, more clothes, more saucy things? More gestures that make Arwyn sound like a chipmunk on speed?

And dont forget to scream "HIIYYAAAAA" if you see us.

Mwahhh - Arwyn

P.S - Don't forget to pop down and get some freebies, Neko hunt going on ATM and we make something special for it!