Saturday, December 5, 2009

Late night ramblings

Brain is broken and my head is about to hit the desk :)

Good news is that we are all packed and ready to head out on a holiday! *RAYY!!*

Take care of yourselfs and be good.

See you soon,

2 new things out in store. A Bride 2 Be shirt set with matching undie duds and the full colour set of Fist full of charms. Ty all so much for a wonderful year, after my Aussie beach break the lil nekos will be planning a sim and store knockdown, dance on prims and 2 fights (also known as a new main store). A few friends are being invited along for the ride to join us.
Take care, come back to us all in one piece after the crazy season.
MWAHH! Arwyn N Brin
P.S A pressie is out in store for you all.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

::OD:: Tryst

I've made alot of poses now, although I still consider myself a humble cricket in the animating world :)
This pose set is my first couple poses *yey* and I had a blast making them. This set is designs to provide some simple variations to a core pose, hopefuly I pulled it off ok.
5 Couple poses, in adjustable pose balls. I have made an optional little hud for controlling the poses, also a traditional clicky version.
Enjoy - Lub Arwyn

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

::OD:: Simple Taffy

I've been cleaning up my building are from some items I've been lounging on. Don't mind the cat furr.

::OD:: Simple Taffy
Simple low prim couches.
3 Prims per couch with a multitude of ODesque poses/anims.
Colour change to make it easy with matching your inerior.


- Arwyn

Monday, November 9, 2009

::OD:: Noviate

::OD:: Noviate
Dark and sensual textures, sized not to break the prim bank with a 32x32 footprint.
52 Prims. 3 rooms with a deck and breezeway.
Lightswitch near the door for tinting the windows.
Something I made for enjoyment, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.
- Arwyn

Sunday, November 8, 2009

::OD:: Old Joe Couches

U know those big old, slightly dusty couches with a pre worn bum groove? heheh.
::OD:: Presents Old Joe
Copiable couches in 5 dusty old leathers with adjustable poses.
We wouldnt be OD if the poses were entirely appropriate, so most have you draping or flopping yourself comfortably.
12 Poses/Anims in the arm chair
12 Poses in the 3 Seater couch

Thursday, October 22, 2009

::OD:: Pawz

::OD:: Pawz
Sculpted Neko Paws with a comfortable tapered leg warmer.
Resize scripted for easy fitting.
Pawz come with 3 options
*No Particles
*One colour paw print colour
*Rainbow paw prints
Available in 8 colours, all included in the PhatPak
Coming soon [NeverM0re] will receive it's own mainstore. Watch this space :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

::OD:: Milk Carton House

We've been living in a box for a few weeks and thought it time to share!
::OD:: Milk Carton House. 13 Prim 2 Story Home for Neko's and lovers of themed builds. Each version comes with 4 included colours (Blue, Green, Purple, Pink). There is also the option of buying furnished or unfurnished!.
More to come soon!

Monday, August 31, 2009

::OD:: Twisted Hunt

::OD:: Is in the soon to start TWISTED HUNT (everyone shout together YAYYYYY)

In between getting our pointy elbows ready for fighting through lag alongside hunters we managed to put together our hunt item.

The womens outfit Fistfull of Charms - The name and idea in lust of a newish series of books I'm obsessed about atm. This outfit will also soon be released in several other colours.
But wait theres more!
A cadaver table, just encase you need to draw and quarter someone or just lay about being kinda creepy.
Lastly a Dexter inspired gesture.

We went all out on this one because we were so excited, plus this may perhaps be one of the last hunts we participate in for a while.
We are torn about hunts. We love love love love them, and I think get just as excited about each one just as much as the hunters do, (I complete every darn one of em myself too) but to be honest sometimes I wonder if I am on a box yelling into the dark just hoping there is an audience out there.

But would you loyal ::OD:: Fans out there (I hope we have some) prefer to be acknowledged for all of your hard earned stalking? Would our obsession be better spent maybe making some group only items or some other loopy idea?

Food for thought and we would love to hear your feedback! Until Then Hunt AWAYYYY!!!

- Arwyn

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

::OD:: GothiKitty

::OD:: GothiKitty

The Obsidian Nekos have been smooshing prims together, lightning striking the sky as they throw their heads back and cackle. Its aaalliiivveeeeee....!!!...!!

Messy Neko Tails with just a small smattering of metal in bright colour combos in true OD style.Matching sculpted scripted ears
Available in 7 tipped colour combos.

We hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[NeverM0re] Nightingale

I have to admit there is alot in SL and SL culture that just fascinates me. I've been known to sit and just observe people. Although the observing doesnt last long until those that I'm watching want me to participate. Like an only child I always dive in with enthusiasm and verve.

I admire the Doll/Lolita immersion in SL. There are so many fascets that this fascination can take, many many MANY different forms of RP, mischeif and mayhem and beautiful unique avatars. I hope my lil Nightingbird shows a little glimmer of that fascination.

The Birdcage includes 9 poses/anims geared to emotive dancers and the flip side of the coin - the broken doll.
The top prim activates a soft cascade of particle feathers upon touch.

- Arwyn

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

::OD:: Half Pint

Neko Fun with a half pint of Milk. Pint sized Neko boxes with our signature OD Anims.
You may have seen something similar in the Neko Hunt *grins* - Go grab the lite version for free while it's out exclusive to the Neko hunt. The full versions will be in store any minute now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Where have all the Nekos gone?

I know we have been quiet lately, we've had the fun task of moving in RL *omg the packing and the unpacking and the heavy lifting of it all*

So, I'm currently at my desk surrounded by a city of boxes thinking I'll never find my right slipper again. *facepalm*

New items are on the way! The Obsidian gals have gone feral and back to our building roots, throwing prims around and bending out avatars until I swear you can see their eyes water.

We'd love to hear from you! People have a habit of running away when I sneak up and yell "HIYA", Obsidian is your playground as much as ours and we'd like to know what you would love to play in.

Should we make more neko stuffs, more clothes, more saucy things? More gestures that make Arwyn sound like a chipmunk on speed?

And dont forget to scream "HIIYYAAAAA" if you see us.

Mwahhh - Arwyn

P.S - Don't forget to pop down and get some freebies, Neko hunt going on ATM and we make something special for it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

::OD:: Moving Sale!!!

Obsidian Desires has been breakin prims and working in the darkroom non stop this week.

A few new releases but we are also excited to announce we will soon be moving sims!!

What does that mean?

MOVING DAY SALE!!!!Pack up a box, get the duct tape and help us move! We have almost finnished a new build which we will unveil with a party soon! the SALE will last for 1 days only!!!! (or longer if I sleep in tomorrow)That means pretty much everything is half off.This includes, Clothes, Furniture and our [NeverM0re] range.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

::OD:: Alice

You may have noticed by now but I'm a proud Geek Gurl. One of the things I adore is a melding of traditional fantasy/fairy tale with post apoc tech, throw in some Zombies that that makes an interesting night. In tribute to Resident Evil I'd like to present my interpretation of Alice.

Hope you enjoy!

- Arwyn

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

::OD:: Baggeh

Thanks to the awesome response from our first release of Neko Bits I have donned my mad scientist paint splattered coat and put together our second Colour pack.
::OD:: Blue Candy.
Blue base textured with yummi edible stripes. Available as Ear/Tail sets and an UberPak

Brin has tried her hand at her first Baggy pants. Lots of loud music and dancing around the room while she crafted these items. Re size scripted for easy adjustment.
::OD:: Baggies
Available for gents and gals.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Through the Looking Glass Hunt

We have a blast during hunts, meeting new people and making new friends. That and I always go on the hunt myself :)

The original Cheshire in Purple is ::OD:: 's submission for the hunt. It also comes with a custom gesture I made that includes a line good old Cheshire himself uses in the book.

"When the Deck Slices and Dices, it's no laughing matter"

We hope you enjoy the hunt and hope to see you down at ::OD::

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Neko Bits!

::OD:: Cheshire

Various options. Full outfit or, the Scripted Ears and Tail are sold seperately.

:OD:: Cheshire

::OD:: Obsidian Desires is proud to present!

Our first line of Neko Ears and Tails *RAYYYYYyyYYYYyyy!!!*
After many days of pulling faces and creating inventive curse words it's time to release the pretties into the wild.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Squeeing like a N00B

Yes yes, im an absolute unashamed noodle sometimes. You see and to be bluntly honest - brin and myself consider our SL shop a a place that people sometimes find and no one really knows our stuff. So when i see anything we have made in world in other peoples sims brin has to stop me from taking photos and dancing around the item like a mad teen *WEG*
That and i still squee on every sale I ever get.. and on the rare occasion i see one of our toys in the posession of someone I admire I near faint. *thud*

SoooooOOooo a. im a noodle and b. we still believe no one knows we exist *grin*

Wanna play monopoly?

- Arwyn

::OD:: Discovery

We thought we would have a little fun with the SL Discovery hunt so...
*Deep sultry voice*... "Dr Livinston I Presume?" Fun purple safari suit with custom gesture.
We hope you enjoy..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nom Nom Nom

I was a bit nibbly as I built yesterday, the prims turned themselves into something I was craving. hehe
::OD:: Presents Nori Rollz.
13 prims with 11 adjustable poses.