Monday, August 31, 2009

::OD:: Twisted Hunt

::OD:: Is in the soon to start TWISTED HUNT (everyone shout together YAYYYYY)

In between getting our pointy elbows ready for fighting through lag alongside hunters we managed to put together our hunt item.

The womens outfit Fistfull of Charms - The name and idea in lust of a newish series of books I'm obsessed about atm. This outfit will also soon be released in several other colours.
But wait theres more!
A cadaver table, just encase you need to draw and quarter someone or just lay about being kinda creepy.
Lastly a Dexter inspired gesture.

We went all out on this one because we were so excited, plus this may perhaps be one of the last hunts we participate in for a while.
We are torn about hunts. We love love love love them, and I think get just as excited about each one just as much as the hunters do, (I complete every darn one of em myself too) but to be honest sometimes I wonder if I am on a box yelling into the dark just hoping there is an audience out there.

But would you loyal ::OD:: Fans out there (I hope we have some) prefer to be acknowledged for all of your hard earned stalking? Would our obsession be better spent maybe making some group only items or some other loopy idea?

Food for thought and we would love to hear your feedback! Until Then Hunt AWAYYYY!!!

- Arwyn